01 : About me

Machicado Ledezma

When I was a kid I always liked music. The first empty cassette was given to me by my mother when I was 6 years old and I started to record the songs that I liked and where I used to go, I always had that pop rock songs with me, my first vinyl It was the Technotronic album when I was 12 years old.

DJ Sound Mix Producer

My first radio show was with John Arandia DJ, a newcomer from Miami who had a radio program on the PCM radio "120 minutes of techno career around the year 2000", I do not know if it was the name or the slogan of that program but we repeated it constantly. I started with a few CDs and vinyl records that I had..

Dejavu Lab - Strong live

Back in 1998 I remember that they were advertising an electronic party never held before "Electrodance Festival" in a place called Círculo Aeronáutico, I called the station where they contacted me with the organizers and it just happened that their DJ did not appear so my records and I was welcome as the main DJ, I did not know how to use the cd players and it did not take me long to learn, immediately I got the party ... it was Amazing!